700 Center Street is located in Historic Lewiston NY and is itself a Historical property.

700 Juice Bistro & Café features a welcoming environment in which to eat healthy meals and enjoy your favorite juice or smoothie.

700 is home to 700 LOUNGE, a  fabulous place for those of you who want to just relax.

We also serve vegetarian and vegan lunch and snack options.

Check out our Events for updates.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT US”

    1. Hi Debbie,

      This is Barbara from 700 Bistro – We can certainly take care of all of the catering needs for your group.
      Our location may not be able to accommodate all 100 people but we could organize the days event at “Porter on the Lake” park in Youngstown – 8 miles from Lewiston – it has covered building with picnic tables – beautiful grounds situated on Lake Ontario – has playground for kids as well as plenty of parking.

      Let me know if this is something you would be interested in.
      My direct line is 716.622.5587

      Best Regards,


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Juice Bistro & Cafe